She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I dedicate this to her.

First painting I have started and completed since Alison was taken from me.

It has been an emotional challenge but got there in the end, my first painting produced since Alison was taken from me. She would have been the first person to see it and comment on it, I'm sure she would have like it.
Not having her here to do that brings me to tears.
Painting alone again takes me back to the days before Alison bounced into my life, not nice thoughts really, it was lonely then, but even more lonely now.
But seeing me painting again, if she can see, will make her happy, that's all I ever wanted, was for her to be happy, so I dedicate this painting to her and it will be inscribed on the back saying so.
Now all I have to do is sell it, now that always did make her happy!


  1. Wow Colin. That is just an amazing painting! You are truly gifted. Such incredible detail it looks so very real, you want to reach out and stroke the fur. Well done on what has obviously been a tough 'first'. You will continue as you were born to paint! Alison will be so proud of you for everything xx

  2. She is beautiful. I have been following your blog for a few entries now and I never seem to not shed a tear or two for your heart breaking loss. I don't know exactly the pain you are feeling but I certainly know how it feels to lose someone so close. 2 years ago in 1 week I lost my father, I saw him everyday and i relied on him for everything my life consisted off. Losing someone that is your everything is the hardest thing you will ever face and when people say it gets easier it really doesn't and I wish people told me that peice of advice the day I lost my Dad. You are still in the first stages of grief and they are the hardest. I pray that you continue to be strong in life. You certainly have been an inspiration on my life and I enjoy dropping by to read your blog. Alanah.

  3. Thank you Trotters.
    I really hope she is looking down and is still proud of me.

  4. Alanah,
    Thank you so much, for you to say I have been an inspiration bowls me over.
    As much as writing this blog helps me I hope it is helping others going through the same and for others who have never been through grief, help them understand.

  5. you are so talented Colin.
    It must have been so difficult to concentrate your mind but you have truly produced a fine piece of artwork.

    to echo what trotters has said I think your Alison would be very proud of you.


  6. Hi Jennette,

    It was really hard to hold concentration, hence the challenge, I really hope she is proud of me.