She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The fateful day

Alison loved her bike, she had owned it exactly year when she had her fatal accident. She had only just left the house for a quick ride, she hadn't much petrol anyway and asked me for some loose change to get some. I only had five one pound coins, that was the last money I ever gave her. She never got to spend them as the accident happened just around the corner from the house. They were handed back to me along with her mobile phone later that evening. Two of the coins where badly damaged! as was her phone.

After seeing her ride off at aprox 6pm, on Thursday April 28th 2011, the phone rang aprox 45 minutes later, it was her mother, 'the bike was registered to her mother address' get up to the hospital fast, Alison has had an accident and is in a bad way. I went into panic mode, feeling sick in my stomach, the next 10 minutes were a blur, I went next door to our friends and asked for a lift to the hospital, I was in no fit state to drive myself. We got as far as the main junction at the end of the road, it was sealed off by police, on leaving the house I did not know where the accident had happened, when I saw the road block--I knew. We stopped and I went over to a police officer. I need not go into the finer details, but yes it was Alison, the collision was further up the road and not in sight of the police road block. 
Myself and my neighbour were asked to remain in the car. After what seemed an eternity, a police woman approached, something in my head told me what she was going to say. She knelt down and said I'm so sorry, I cannot remember exactly what I replied, something like 'no she can't be, she cant be dead.

I went into shock, eventually we were transferred into a police car and went full blues to the hospital. On arrival we had to wait for Alison's mum to arrive, before we were led into the special rooms for family. We had to ID Alison, at this stage not knowing her injuries, it was something I dreaded, but whatever her injuries I had to see my baby.
What I wasn't expecting is all the formalities and police paperwork to go through, it took hours and wasn't until near midnight that the identification took place.
So we were taken to the identification room, the door was opened and there was my Alison, covered up to her neck, her face badly bruised from the impact on her crash helmet, I have tears while writing and reliving this.
I was numb, this was not real, just a bad dream that I will snap out of and wake-up, except it was real. I asked to be left alone with her, through uncontrollable tears I talked to her, I kissed her, I hugged her best I could. I must have kissed her cold lips dozens of times. How could this be, she was just 37 years of age and here was the love of my life taken from me !
The following seven day's where just a blur, endless phone calls to make, arrangements to be made, visitors everyday. Hardly any sleep, trying to eat, just reeling in shock and raw emotion. How can I possibly live my life without Alison?
From that very first morning after the accident, I have cried everyday to the present day. Such was our bonding and love, accepting she was gone and that I would never see, hear or touch her again is and always will be incomprehensible.