She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Light a Candle

Trust me to not tape the note on straight.

Today it is 17 weeks with out Alison. How I have got through all those weeks I really don't know, all I know is it has been the hardest and most heartbreaking weeks in my life. This last week I have been positive, the painting I completed two days ago was a breakthrough for me and yesterday it was sold. So yesterday I felt really pleased with myself.

Today though I woke up quite emotional, Thursdays always being like that, breaking a back tooth yesterday evening, hasn't helped. A visit to my private dentist is on the cards, but no way can I afford it at the moment, good job the painting sold.

So have resorted to taking one of my prescribed happy pills it takes the edge of things a little, I only ever take them when I really need to, don't want my body to get used to them and then having to have a higher dosage.

As I do every Thursday at 6.15pm I will walk to the crash site, put some new flowers in the beer glass that someone taped to the railings and I have printed out a note saying ' Forever in my heart Alison will love you for ever more Colin' I will seal it in polythene and tape it above the flowers.
Then I will have my usual chat to Aly, on the bridge.

It hurt and saddens me that a good number of Alison's friends and she had a lot! have not visited her website or more importantly, not lit a candle for her on her page on the local paper website. It is just a simple task, cost's nothing, all it costs is respect for Alison.
She would do anything for her friends and would drop everything to help out and often did.
I cannot except the excuse that they cannot find the website, you only have to google her name now, or the excuse that it is emotional for them to do so.
Ok cry if you have too what's wrong with that at least do something for her even though she is no longer here ' Light a Candle'

She deserves that at least.