She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ADC maybe!

In a previous post 'dreams', I described four particular dreams that in them I had the feeling of an electric charge running through my body, in each dream feeling a presence but not seeing anyone and then waking up quickly after. Also as mentioned, Alison has never been in my dreams.

Well that changed on Sunday night, I had been very emotional Sunday evening – no change there – I am still struggling with the long evenings/nights. Well Sunday night I had the fifth of these peculiar dreams, within the dream the electrical charge feeling came over me, starting from my head and moving slowly down my body, it's really not a pleasant feeling. But this time I didn't wake up, maybe subconsciously I made myself not wake up, I do seem to remember saying to myself in the dream, don't wake up, the feeling subsided and right in front of me vividly was Alison with arms open wide, we walked towards each other and hugged, I remember asking her questions, but cannot remember what, I then woke up.

I told Alison's mother about the dream on the Monday, she has also not dreamt of Alison, but Sunday night she did as well and said she felt complete calm and happiness after.

So was this just a coincidence, just ordinary dreams or a 'visit'.

There is a lot of info on the internet about after death communication (ADC) here is a paragraph from one website:

Many experience after death communication through dreams. Dreaming it seems, provides the perfect conditions for after death contact to occur. When dreaming, our vibration is naturally elevated. Thus, we’re in a particularly receptive state to make a connection with the deceased. When we dream, the rational, judgemental portions of our mind are temporarily suspended and it is easy for us to merge with the soul energy of those who reside in spirit. Dreams about deceased loved ones can greatly aid our grieving process. My deceased loved ones continue to be an active part of my dreaming life. This helps me to feel that they are still an ongoing part of my life in general.

So who knows, maybe the electrical charge I feel is Alison's energy, I certainly have never in my life experienced that feeling before she was taken.