She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Wild strawberries

The garden before Alison was taken, was a bit of a building site to be honest. She was in the process of building a shed during the winter months, for her bike, told you she was very practical!
Last summer the garden was lovely and she promised we would have it looking nice again this summer.
Well I have worked hard over the last few months getting it nice for her and me of course, I really hope she is looking down and seeing it.
A couple of weeks before the fateful day, she came in , 'I've bought some grass seed and some strawberry plants hunnie', she shouted up the stairs.
Actually she had just bought one strawberry plant bless her.
Anyway a few days later I put the plant in a big pot for her.
It has now grown and producing fruit, she didn't realise that she had bought a wild strawberry plant and the fruit is very small, but she would have loved them all the same.
Also she adored sunflowers and unknown to me she had put a load of sunflower seeds underneath a gravel bed that runs along one side of the garden against the fence. At least 30 sunflowers are now growing.
The garden does look so nice and it is nice to sit out there thinking of her, at the same time so sad that she is not here to enjoy it, I so miss her.


  1. Lavender and wild strawberries - what a wonderfully romantic combination I can see in your pictures. The sunflowers will grow tall and strong and beautiful with their heads in the sunshine. HB from PG xx

  2. I know, I just got that Lavender plant the other day for Alison, I found some cash in an xmas card that Aly had received and had obviously forgotten about as it was amongst a load of paper work to be sorted and thrown out.
    So I used the cash for the plant.

  3. You could cut some of the lavender and dry it. I have some in a jug which I cut and which has been drying out.

    Any thoughts on using your talents to 'capture' dragonflies?

    HB from PG x

  4. May do that with some of the lavender.

    Yeah may paint a dragonfly one day Helen.

  5. How lovely to have the sunflowers that you didn't know about. They are just the happiest of flowers. I lay them regularly at hubbie's graveside, and will be buying some silk ones so there is always that gorgeous splash of yellow happiness for him.
    The strawberries look lovely too, you have done so well with the garden, I'm so proud of you for having had the strength to make the changes. She will be so pleased with what you have achieved. With much love, trotters from MW xxx

  6. Hi Colin

    My husband died on his motorbike on 13th November 2010. Went out at 10am killed instantly at 11.15am.

    Still can't accept it or believe I will never see or touch him again. The shock of a policeman turning up on the doorstep is indescribable.

    Still cry many times every day, still not had the inquest. If he had been ill at least i would have had some warning.I went from having everything to nothing in just over an hour - much like you.

    Also like you, i want out of it. BUT what if there isn't anything after.Are we better here alone and in pain or somewhere not feeling anything.

    Thinking of you.

  7. Thank you Trotters, I'm so pleased with the surprise of the sunflowers and thank you for the compliment of how I have done with the garden.

    Words that I could have written, it is all so tragic, at least they lost their life doing what they loved, doesn't make it any easier for us though.
    For the time being I'm just going to tough this horrible journey out, it is the only certain way I can hold on to her.

    Thinking of you