She was so beautiful and I will love her for ever.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Shine on!

Following my reading back in March, I have heard so many good things about Susan, the medium I went to see and of others that have had amazing readings from her. In my posting about my reading, I stated that Susan connects with the thought of the spirit, I was wrong in that statement, I have since learnt that the spirits actually talk to her and in some cases she can see them.
During the reading it did feel like Alison was sitting next to her telling her things to say, so it seems she was, well maybe not sitting., maybe floating who knows. Since then I have absolute no doubt that Alison lives on and therefore there is an after life.

The pain of missing Alison, constantly courses through my veins, now and again I just cry and cry. In the last week or so I have had some really down days, the Jubilee weekend didn't help. One evening I had one of these crying moments and after pulling myself together, I picked up Alison's small Nikon camera that was on the table, I said to her out loud ' C'mon Aly lets see if your here' I then took random pics around the living room, I was hoping to capture her spirit orb.
I didn't check the images until a few days later, to my surprise one of the photos had an orb, now to be honest as much as I was surprised, logical reasoning seeps in. I thought maybe it could be a dust particle caught by the flash, this is the common explanation for them. That said, Alison's camera has taken many hundreds of photos, never has an orb appeared and if dust was the cause, then many images if not all would capture orbs. So I choose to believe that the orb is spirit energy and that Alison was there sitting on the arm of the sofa, which she did many times.
I decided when I felt the time was right I would take some more photos.
On Friday 8th June, I was invited too an evening event, by one of Alison's close friends. It was good, but when some of Alison's other friends turned up, it just hit me that it shouldn't be me here, but Alison, I felt so sad that she was missing out. I couldn't stay, made my excuses and left. I got home and just burst into tears, I was in tears off and on for the next few hours, really crying from the heart, I just miss her so much and crying releases the tension that bottles up as you try to function day by day.
After a while I calmed down, her camera was on the arm of the sofa, I picked it up and said to Alison ' please show me your here with me' I then took about twenty random snaps around the room.
Finished, I then went upstairs and uploaded the images on to the computer. What I found on two of the images just blew me away, the bright blue orb is stunning, the best I have seen. In view perspective, it is actually over the sofa where I now sit and where Alison used to sit. The second image below shows the sofa from the opposite side of the room, the white mist is certainly not fallout from the flash, as I took several in sequence, as I did with the image of the orb and nothing appears on the other images.
It's not a case of wanting to believe these are Alison, they are Alison without doubt. 
She shines on!


  1. My son battled cancer for 9 years, so our loss wasn't as much of a shock as was yours. Matthew had such a tremendous faith, especially for a 12 year old!, that I can't but believe that he is waiting for us to join him. It is helpful in dealing with the here and now without him.

  2. Dan, so sorry for your loss.
    Matthew will definitely be waiting for you as will Alison be waiting for me.

  3. Dear Colin
    This post made me smile and cry at the same time. Just proves that our loved ones are always with us no matter what the skeptics say. I believe and I know Alison will always watch over you and the ones she loved dearly.
    Maria (Australia)