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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Messages again.

This is another short post, as a follow on to the previous two posts.

Those who have read this blog from the beginning will know my degree of belief of life after death. Before Alison died, I really didn't give it any thought, I liked to believe there was something after of course, Alison was the opposite, she was very factual about it, once your gone there is nothing, that was her belief, although sometimes she would say, I hope I meet up with my Daddy, contradicting herself.

I am still at the 75% point of believing there is an after life, for the further 25% I will need hard evidence, suddenly seeing Alison somewhere in the house as an apparition or having something move would convince me. Or when I go to see a medium next year and I'm told things that only I and Alison know.
As stated in several posts, I have found several white feathers in the garden, in specific places and at specific times, I always said to myself if I find one inside the house I would be convinced, well I did, but I still look for the logical reason it was there. It is the same with the faint banging noise in the house, well I think it is almost definitely air in the heating system.

Anyway on the Wednesday after finding the feather in the house, my eldest son Nathan was visiting his friend Dave , myself or Alison have never met Dave, Nathan phoned me on the Thursday and said Dad I have something to tell you;
He went on to say that while he was there, Dave suddenly blurted out, 'you have a girl standing next to you Nathan' my son said what do you mean?, he repeated and said, 'she says Aly, this freaked Nathan a bit, Dave then said has she got long blond hair? Nathan said yes, Dave said well she is next to you!
What followed where several broken messages, but because Nathan was obviously freaked, he couldn't take in everything this guy was saying, but told me three things that Alison said through this guy for me, I quote:

'Don't go there I don't like it, I'm at the house with you! By this I guess she means don't keep going to the crash site, when you think of it, rightly so it would be the last place she would want to be dragged back too.

'Thank you for the garden' she would always thank me when I had the garden looking nice, she loved it looking good. There is no possible way that Dave would know I had worked hard on the garden to get it nice.
Nathan mentioned the white feathers I have found in the garden, the guy said yes that's her!

I have to keep an open mind on all this, as I said until I get hard evidence I will not be satisfied, that hard evidence may never come! In the meantime after this latest happening, I think I maybe at the 90% point.

But just because we can't see, doesn't mean it's not there, radio waves are all around us, but we can't see them. It has been suggested that the spirit world is parallel to the earthly plane, maybe it is, they can see and hear us, but unless gifted we cannot see or hear them, they are energy and energy does not die. They vibrate at a much higher frequency than we do in physical form, only certain gifted people 'mediums' can bring their vibration to near that frequency.

Thinking outside the box, maybe there is a very good reason that contact is limited, imagine if everyone could communicate with there deceased loved ones and it was common knowledge that after life was better than here, we could have an empty planet!! Just a thought.

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  1. Fascinating Colin.

    Thank you for sharing.

    There is so much we don't know and cannot comprehend, which is why I am keeping an open mind.

    Love Helen xx